Get Fit and Stay Fit

Laura Gordon

My Fitness journey summary


ChickenTuna aka Laura Gordon.

I live in Charlotte NC. I’m originally from Long Island

I have a lot of experience being a fit person. I started exercising at age 23 and am currently 50.. I have not taken any breaks or time off from keeping fit.

My Fitness Journey in a Nutshell

in my late teen’s

When  I was a freshman in college I gained 20 pounds pretty quickly after  being on my own for the first time in my life. It was not an unsolved  mystery how I gained this weight. Hmmmmmm, could it have been from going  up for seconds every night in the dining hall? Or maybe from the 2  large bowls of macaroni and cheese I had everyday  just for a snack? or…. maybe it was the beer drinking a few times a  week plus on weekends of course.. along with a late night pizza order?  Not quite sure but that may be where the 20lbs came from. I was clearly over eating on a consistent basis and that is how I gained the weight! When I went home for Christmas I couldn’t even get my jeans on.. I had to wear my sweat pants. At this point I had a decision to make.. I could keep over eating and buy new clothes.. or I could stop indulging and get back to my normal size. It was sooooo  much fun eating all that food but I really didn’t want to wear it  around for the rest of my life so I decided that I would get back to  fitting in my jeans again.

How did I lose the weight? I used a  very simple method. I ate less. I stopped having seconds at dinner.. I  stopped having all the macaroni and cheese for snacks, and I stopped the  late night pizzas. I never starved myself.. I never cut out carbs.. I  never cut out fruit or any other food group… I didn’t even stop the  drinking.. I just cut down. I ate less. I didn’t even exercise.   I  didn’t have a car so walking to class everyday was my exercise and it  was actually quite a bit of walking. This was a very basic level of  fitness to accomplish but it worked for me. I stopped eating too much.. I ate the appropriate amount of food for my size body and I did some walking everyday.

in my 20’s

After  college I had an office job and my life changed a lot in how active I  was compared to being on campus. I was very very inactive. I sat at a  desk all day and then went home, ate dinner and watched TV while eating a  bag of doritos. I really didn’t get any exercise at all.  I felt weak and I didn’t want to be in worse shape. I still wasn’t over weight  but definitely not fit.   I made a new year’s resolution that year to  start exercising and I have stuck with it since then without fail. I  started out doing exercise videos 4x a week. I was never really looking  for any specific changes other than not getting in even worse shape and  not having to walk with a cane if I could help it when I got older.

in my late 30’s

I  had been exercising consistently since age 23 for years and I was in  pretty good shape.. I started learning more about nutrition and eating  healthy and that is when I found out that there was a more advanced  level in eating that I was not doing and something I was never taught. I  had mastered getting enough food to eat and not over eating.. but I did not yet understand that eliminating things like fast food, processed food and junk food would change they way my body looked entirely.

Still doing my exercise videos and started weight training.. got in better shape and never got big muscles!!

My Blogging

I  started blogging about my fitness journey in 2005. At the time I really  didn’t even think I was in that great of shape. When I started posting  photos I had a lot of feedback from people saying that I was inspiring  and motivating them because they couldn’t believe I was in such good  shape being so ‘old’ at age 37 (at the time). Now that I’m 50 it should  be even more motivating.. because if I can keep my old ass fit then  anybody younger than me can!! I’ve never really been athletic or sport  like so it was really hard to believe that anyone was being inspired by  my fitness accomplishments.

When I started working out at age 23, I  really had no idea that I would be able to still be fit when I reached  my 30’s or 40’s because I had never seen a fit person in real life let  alone an old one. Its become my normal to be fit for so long and I don’t  know any other way. If I don’t work out, I don’t feel right and as much  of a pain in the ass as it can be to keep up with working out  consistently when real life can get so busy.. its totally worth it. It  would have been nice when I was in my 20’s if I had seen an example of a  fit geezer like me so I knew what was possible..  but I found my way to be fit anyway and I hope younger girls will see  my journey and know that it is possible. I am following a lot of young  girls here and hope to watch everyone make progress and learn through  trial and error.

This is a real journey and my pictures are not photoshopped.   I have  scars, bruises, cellulite, stretch marks and getting wrinkles.    I love  following real people with real pictures..

I  post mostly body photos for #fitspo.  I am showing that you can have a  very fit body even as you age.   

I was very sick with asthma as a kid and  was always in and out of the hospital.  I appreciate my health now and I  love being healthy and strong and I don’t take it for granted.


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